map showing location of Eels Lake Cottages and Marina on Eels Lake WELCOME TO EELS LAKE IN THE NORTH KAWARTHAS OF ONTARIO CANADA

Waterskiing at Eels Lake Cottages and Marina
Gazebo constructed at Eels Lake Cottages and Marina

Located in the North Kawartha region just below the Haliburton Highlands, Eels Lake provides a varied landscape ranging from level land with shallow marshes to tall rock hills and deep cool waters. Named after an Ojibwa (or Anishnabe) Native of the 18th century, it is a lake of just the right size for vacationing not so big as to make you feel dwarfed by a sea of water, but not small either.
Map showing Location of Eels Lake Cottages and Marina
Less Than 3 hrs From Toronto, 1 hr From Peterborough
  • Follow hwy 115 towards Peterborough and stay on it as it changes to highway 7 east.
  • Stay on highway 7 east until highway 134 north.
  • Turn left and follow all the way to highway 28 (county rd. 29).Turn right and follow.
  • Eleven kilometres past Apsley turn left onto Eels Lake Rd. and follow to the end.
Eels Lake is located an hour north of Peterborough and twenty-five minutes south of Bancroft on county road 29 (formerly highway 28). Eels Lake is eleven kilometres long and has over fifty kilometres of shoreline. This spring-fed lake, is a reservoir lake for the Trent- Severn Waterway System, and fluctuates and average of ten feet each year. This means that the water is constantly being flushed out and circulated.
The landscape is one of pine-covered shores, rugged windswept islands, pink granite outcroppings, and driftwood bays. Reminiscent of the Group of Seven, Tom Thompson would have felt at home here. For the angler, the lake is deep enough in places for Trout and Pickerel (Walleye) and shallow enough in the many bays to provide habitat for Bass. Naturalists will enjoy the wildness of the area. Other than cottages and a few hunt camps there are hundreds of hectares of crown land forests, and uninhabited lakes.
View of Eels Lake Cottages and Marina     Located right on the edge of the "Snowbelt", the seasonal changes are quite dramatic. In the spring the forests and lakes come alive almost overnight. During the summer, you can find bays where the lake temperature is a very "swimable" 22 degrees Celsius. Autumn can provide with some of the most spectacular scenery as the deep blue of the water contrasts with the brilliant reds, yellows, and golds of the leaves.

Dogs swimming at Eels Lake Cottages and Marina

swimming fun at Eels Lake Cottages & Marina

swimming fun at Eels Lake Cottages & Marina

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