Eels Creek scene
Eels Creek in early fall

view from top of gorge - Eels Lake regionCopper Lake -Eels Lake area       The fall and spring are special times of year when the wilderness is in a state of change. Because Eels Lake is in a region with deciduous trees, fall sees the wilderness turning into the colors of red, orange, and yellow. When the leaves have fallen, the nature of the land is more visible. Then winter covers the land with the white of snow. And all is silent. But come spring everything begins to come back to like. Ice and snow melts, leaves emerge, forest animals express a sense of excitement. Clearly, one should not overlook the adventure of fall and spring visits to the Eels Lake area.
ice leaving Eels Lake, April 12

Ice going out on Eels Lake (April 12, 2006)

Eels Lake view -spring Eels Lake view - spring Eels Lake view-spring

Ice leaving Eels Lake in Early April

view from Ball Hill - Eels Lake area Copper Lake in Eels Lake area Eels Creek rushing in spring

Views of ice departing from Eels Lake as viewed from Ball Hill, Copper Lake in fall, and Eels Creek rushing during the spring melt.

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