ELCM offers a variety of winters boat storage options to the cottager. We take the utmost care with your investment, completely servicing the boat and motor in the fall, tuning it up in the spring when it comes out of storage, and returning it to you cleaned and vacuumed. We offer indoor boat storage, outdoor boat storage as well as shrink-wrapping.
     Indoor boat storage is by far the most popular type of storage we offer. We have a network of secure local barns that we rent in order to provide worry free boat storage for the winter. This method of storage keeps your boat out of the wind, rain and snow. And is by far the safest form of storage for your investment.
     Shrink-wrapping entails covering your boat with a series of supports and a heatable plastic sheet. The plastic sheet is then heated and contracts, forming to the supports. As the plastic cools, it firms up again allowing snow and ice to slide off and not cause any damage. There are also vents placed in the wrap which allows the inside of the boat to "breathe", and thus preventing the formation of mildew and rot. This method is very safe and somewhat less in cost than indoor storage.
     Outdoor storage consists of exactly that; your boat is tarped and placed outside in an area of our property that is well protected from snow and wind. We monitor these boats through the winter to ensure they are all right. This is the most basic form of storage we offer, and is only meant for those boats which have already provided years of fun for the owner, and may not be worth the more expensive forms of storage.

putting boat into water at ELCM
First boat into the water after a long winter

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