At Eels Lake Cottages & Marina we have a good selection of boat & motor rental packages. We have everything from small fibreglass runabouts to ski boats and pontoon boats. All of our boat & motor packages are available on a daily or weekly basis and come with the standard safety equipment and life jackets and personal operating instructions (if required). Whatever your boating needs, chances are that we have something to suit you.


Our Boat & Motor Rentals
Basic -Fibreglass Runabout/15hp
Fishing- Bass Boat/40hp
Sightseeing- Pontoon Boat/40hp
Fun in the Sun- Ski Boat/140hp
24ft Steel Barge

Please Note: All boat & motor rental packages include life jackets (based on max. boat occupancy) and the required safety equipment. Gas and taxes are extra.

15 hp runabout boat
Basic- Fibreglass Runabout : This is the 15 foot flat bottomed fibreglass boat with a 15 hp boat and motor package. It is spacious and sturdy. The long transoms virtually eliminates the annoying 'wet-hinnie' from waves caused by backwash splashing over the transom.

40 hp bass boat
Fishing- Bass Boat : This 16' boat has a 40hp motor and is ideal for the Angler. It will get you to your favorite fishing hole fast. It has a live well and pedestal seats.

pontoon  boatSightseeing- Pontoon Boat : Boat with plenty of room to move around. This boat is powered by a 40 hp "four stroke motor". The boat is perfect for family pleasure especially if a steady boat is necessary, and at the same time it is perfect for a small group of people who want to fish together

Fun in the Sun- Ski Boat: This 16ft Checkmate with 140 hp outboard is perfect for those that love to ski, wakeboard and tube or just the thrill of flying across the lake with the wind in your hair.

Canoes: liesurely explore the quiet bays and marshes in one of our fibreglass canoes

24 ft steel barge
24ft Steel Barge - This barge is a heavy duty boat designed to transport equipment, materials and supplies to water access properties and cottages with steep shorelines. This boat comes with an operator and makes cottage renovations and/or cleanup a breeze. Please call and talk to Jeff for more details.

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