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Dock Building.... Preparing Your Water System

      At Eels Lake Cottages & Marina we pride ourselves in the beautiful docks we build. Whatever size or design you require, we can build it. From the standard pressure treated, to beautiful cedar construction our dock building crew pay attention to the details. We use only top quality lumber and hardware in order to ensure added years of enjoyment.
      A good deal of our spring and fall are taken up opening and closing cottages. A typical opening includes putting the water line in and marking it, priming the pump and making sure the hot water heater is working. We allow all faucets to run in the cottage in order to ensure that there are no leaks, then lock the cottage, and all is in order for your first arrival. The main benefit for the cottager is that they are not carried away with the blackflies, and you donít have to waste the first Saturday morning at the cottage priming the pump!
     We also offer new pump installations for those pumps that tend to give up on the long weekend with a cottage full of guests. We keep a reserve of new and reconditioned pumps, and we can always provide you with something to get you going in a pinch!
     Cottage closings consist of draining all lines and pumping them with antifreeze. What this does is force any water out of the lines that tends to sit in those hard to get at low spots, and ensures worry free spring openings. It is priced right, and definitely one of the most popular services the we offer.
     With both dock construction as well as water systems, you are advised to book early, because we book up quick!

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