"Eels Lake" is an unusual name for a name. Why the name "Eels"? Tradition has it that Eels Lake was the hunting ground of the family of "Eel Cow" brother of "Jack Cow" after whom Jack's Lake and Jack's Creek south of Apsley are named. They lived in the early 1800's when Europeans were expanding their interests northward from the Peterborough area, and Torontonians were beginning to enter the region of Stoney Lake and Burleigh falls for vacationing.
But soon the government encouraged Natives to settle on reserves, and the traditional seasonal nomadic life of the Mississauga Natives came to an end. Meanwhile logging companies, having consumed the pine forests further south, pushed north to find new stands of pine to cut down. Thus logging came to Eels Lake. Trees were cut in the winter and sent down to mills at Stoney Lake via Eels Creek during the spring melt.
When the loggers had left and highway 28 was improved and paved, Torontonians were able to access these locations easily with automobile and interest grew towars obtaining cottage properties for summer vacations. Today with hydro, telephone, and plenty of roads available, people are now attracted to the region year-round. With the advent of snowmobiles, winter weekends are sometimes as active as summer weekends.

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